Apple TV+ lack of resources and mismanagement frustrate its content partners – Report

Apple TV+ launched in November 2019 and in two years’ time, the streamer has introduced all original content which has won several awards, accolades, and nominations. Recently, the Apple TV+ movie “CODA” won Oscar for Best Picture at the 94th Academy Awards and made history by becoming the first streamer to win such an honor.

However, a new report by Business Insider claims that all is not well on the corporate side of Apple TV+. Executives and staff members at the streamer have brought forward infrastructure, resources, and corporate issues.

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Apple TV+’s poor leadership structure has overburdened the staff to a breaking point

According to the report, industry sources claim that Apple TV+ has a poor and “very flat” leadership structure, and the “key departments, like marketing and publicity, don’t communicate enough, leaving partners to juggle multiple points of contact.”

Related to contents marketing, sources allege that Apple TV+ marketing campaigns lack proper planning and execution and as a result, streamer’s content partners are frustrated with its tight control over projects’ information and their performance with subscribers.

Other sources said that ‌Apple TV+‌ has a chaotic approach to marketing, including “disruptive, last-minute marketing planning for projects that have been in the works for months; sloppy press rollouts; landing pages for series that weren’t ready in time.” “They are still marketing like it’s an iPhone, not content,” one executive told Business Insider.

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The streamer is also accused of not hiring competent lawyers who know entertainment law practices and micro-management is the reason for projects’ delay.

Two content executives who have worked with ‌Apple TV+‌ told Business Insider that the streamer’s in-house lawyers lack familiarity with common entertainment law practices and executives are expected to check with bosses before making decisions, which slows down the dealmaking and production processes. One executive said that ‌Apple TV+‌ began streaming a show before a contract was signed, while another said that they had problems simply getting invoices paid.

One former employee said that staff members are burned out to a breaking point by managing several delayed projects simultaneously. However, a source also defended the streamer saying that it is fairly new to be judged harshly.

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