Apple to release AirTag with an upgraded chip and improved location tracking

Apple is expected to release a new AirTag with an upgraded chip and improved location-tracking capabilities sometime in mid-2025.

Apple AirTag

Since its release in April 2021, Apple’s AirTag has been a popular choice for users looking to keep track of their items. Whether it’s your keys, wallet, or backpack, an AirTag can help you locate your lost belongings with the assistance of the Find My network.

The device uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with nearby Apple devices, creating a vast and effective tracking network.

The current AirTag already offers impressive features such as Precision Finding, which leverages the U1 chip and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for pinpoint accuracy. However, the upcoming version promises to take these capabilities to the next level.


What to expect from the new AirTag

Advanced chipset:

  • The most significant change in the new AirTag will be the introduction of a more advanced chip. While specific details about the chip have not been disclosed, it is expected to enhance the overall performance and efficiency of the device. The new chip might be a successor to the current U1 chip, potentially offering better connectivity and processing power.

Enhanced location tracking:

  • The improved location tracking capabilities will be a game-changer for users. With advancements in UWB technology, the new AirTag will likely provide even more accurate and reliable tracking. This means you’ll be able to locate your items with greater precision, reducing the chances of them being lost for good.

Battery life and design improvements:

  • While the primary focus is on the new chip and tracking capabilities, there might also be improvements in battery life and design. Apple is known for its attention to detail and user experience, so we can expect the new AirTag to be even more user-friendly and durable.

The potential improvements in the AirTag 2 are a cause for excitement for anyone who relies on these handy trackers. With a more powerful chip potentially offering increased accuracy, extended range, and potentially longer battery life, the next generation promises an even more seamless and reliable experience for keeping track of your belongings.

(Via Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman)

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