No Mac Studio or Mac Pro update in 2024? Apple shifts focus to flagship M4 Macs

Are you looking to unleash the next level of creative power on your Mac Studio or Mac Pro? Buckle up, because according to a bombshell report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is pushing back refreshes for these high-end machines until mid-2025. This news marks a significant shift from the usual annual upgrade cycle, leaving many professionals and enthusiasts wondering what’s behind the delay.

The Mac Studio and Mac Pro received their latest updates during Apple’s 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). These updates introduced the powerful M2 Ultra chips, enhancing performance and capabilities. However, it appears that Apple is skipping a refresh in 2024, breaking the annual upgrade cycle many have come to expect.

M2 Ultra benchmark scores

Apple’s M3 chip debuted in October 2023 with Pro and Max versions, initially seen in the MacBook Pro lineup. Unlike previous generations, where base chips were followed by Pro, Max, and Ultra versions over time, the M3 series launched with high-performance variants from the outset. This shift indicates a strategic change in Apple’s approach to its silicon roadmap.

Historically, Apple’s M1 Ultra chip emerged over a year after the M1, appearing in both the Mac Pro and the then-new Mac Studio. The clear interconnectivity of M1 and M2 chips facilitated this progression. However, the M3 chip lacks such obvious interconnects, hinting that Apple may have planned a different trajectory for its high-end processors.

M3 chips

Despite the robust capabilities of the Mac Studio and Mac Pro, they represent a niche market segment compared to Apple’s flagship MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines. These portable machines dominate Apple’s sales, reflecting broader consumer and professional preferences for mobility and versatility.

The rapid succession of the M3 and the recently announced M4 chip highlights Apple’s fast-paced innovation in silicon development. The M4 series, which emerged shortly after the M3, suggests that Apple’s teams are focusing on refining and advancing their chip technology swiftly.

Gurman’s report also highlights the development of more powerful variants within the M4 series, such as the M4 Pro, M4 Max, and the highly anticipated M4 Ultra, codenamed ‘Hidra’. However, detailed specifications of these chips remain under wraps, indicating either tight security or early-stage development.

WWDC 2024

According to Gurman, Apple’s WWDC, scheduled from June 10 to 14, 2024, is not expected to feature any new Mac announcements. This absence makes 2022 and 2023 notable exceptions when new Macs were introduced mid-year. By the end of 2024, it’s anticipated that all Macs, except the MacBook Air, will sport M4-series chips.

(via Bloomberg)

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