Apple launches new ‘Tracker Detect’ app on Android to find unknown AirTag tracking their location

Apple has launched a new app “Tracker Detect” on Android that will allow users to find if an unknown device or AirTag is traveling with them or tracking their location. Earlier this year, Apple launched its electronic tracker “AirTag” to locate valuable or easily misplaced items via the Find My app on iPhone. However, it was privacy advocates who argued that AirTag could be used to stalk someone like abusive partners, or rivals.

AirTag - Tracker Detect app

Apple introduce AirTag privacy features on iOS which were designed to prevent stalking and notify the person if an unknown AirTag or tracker was traveling with them. But the support for iOS-like privacy feature was missing on Android which Apple has resolved now with the release of the new Tracker Detect app. 

New Tracker Detect on Android is an ‘anti-stalking’ app that enables users to find unknown AirTags or other devices 

The new anti-stalking app by Apple brings all iOS privacy features related to AirTag on Android to easily find unknown trackers. 

Tracker Detect looks for item trackers that are separated from their owner and that are compatible with Appleā€™s Find My network. These item trackers include AirTag and compatible devices from other companies. If you think someone is using AirTag or another device to track your location, you can scan to try to find it.

airTag - tracker detect app

With the new Tracker Detect app, users will be able to scan and find an unknown AirTag or another device, view its location, play a sound on the unknown AirTag if it has been near the user for 10 minutes, and learn how to disable the tracker by removing its battery. Android smartphones with NFC capability can also learn more about an unknown AirTag by bringing it near the tracker to open a website with its information like serial number and more.

Download the new Tracker Detect app from the Play Store for free and requires Android version 9 and later.

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