Apple TV+ and MLS partnership: uncertainty looms as ‘opt-out’ clause emerges

Apple TV+ has entered into a ten-year deal to cover Major League Soccer in the US. The agreement includes revamping the way soccer is presented on TV, promoting the US service worldwide with its new MLS Season Pass, and overhauling how advertising deals work.

Despite these efforts, a new report by The Athletic reveals that Apple has an “opt-out” clause that allows the tech giant to abandon the deal if the league fails to generate a certain number of subscribers to Apple TV+ within a specified period.

Apple TV app - MLS

Here’s what the ‘opt-out’ clause could mean for the future of Apple TV+ and MLS

The report cites sources familiar with the deal, who claim that the “opt-out” clause is included in the agreement. However, no details have been revealed about the number of subscribers or the timeframe required to trigger the clause. MLS Commissioner Don Garber declined to confirm or deny the report, stating that the deal’s specifics are confidential.

Garber expressed confidence in the partnership, describing it as a “ten-year commitment” and indicating that both parties are fully committed to its success. Apple has remained silent on the report, leaving many to wonder about the company’s intentions.

The agreement between Apple TV+ and MLS is a significant milestone for both companies. It allows Apple to expand its presence in the sports streaming market, which is rapidly growing in popularity. For MLS, the partnership offers an opportunity to reach a wider audience and provide a more engaging viewing experience.

Apple TV app - MLS Season Pass

The report about the “opt-out” clause raises questions about the long-term viability of the partnership. If Apple is not satisfied with the number of subscribers generated by the MLS deal, it could choose to walk away, potentially leaving the league without a major streaming partner. However, it is worth noting that such “opt-out” clauses are not uncommon in business agreements, and it remains to be seen how this will affect the Apple TV+-MLS partnership going forward.

Overall, the partnership between Apple TV+ and MLS can revolutionize the way soccer is covered on TV and boost the sport’s popularity in the US. However, the presence of the “opt-out” clause suggests that there is some uncertainty surrounding the deal. As the partnership progresses, it will be interesting to see how it evolves and whether it delivers the results that both parties are hoping for.

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