Is Apple ditching exclusivity? Apple TV+ eyes Android expansion

According to a new report, Apple is actively recruiting a senior software engineer to lead the development of the Apple TV app for Android. This move will likely help to increase the accessibility of Apple TV+ and reach millions of new users.

Apple to overhaul its TV app in a step toward simplifying its video services

Currently, Android users can only access Apple TV+ content via the web at, which offers a limited experience compared to a dedicated app. The new app aims to provide a more immersive and seamless viewing experience, incorporating features such as playback, downloads, and various entertainment options from Apple’s extensive catalog.

A dedicated Apple TV app on Android will significantly enhance the user experience by offering functionalities that are not available through the web version. Users will be able to enjoy offline downloads for on-the-go viewing, picture-in-picture mode for multitasking, and personalized content recommendations. This streamlined approach is expected to attract a larger and more diverse audience, further solidifying Apple TV+ as a major player in the streaming market.

This strategic expansion is expected to increase Apple’s market share in the highly competitive streaming industry. By making Apple TV+ available on Android devices, Apple is setting aside its rivalry with Google to tap into a larger user base. With over 3 billion active Android devices globally, this move could potentially double the reach of Apple TV+, which currently serves around 2.2 billion active Apple devices.

Apple TV+ launched in 2019 as a direct competitor to established streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+. Despite its relatively small initial subscriber base, the service has garnered critical acclaim with original content such as “Coda,” “Severance,” and “Ted Lasso.” Expanding to Android devices not only broadens Apple TV+’s audience but also strengthens its position against its competitors by making its acclaimed content more accessible.

While Apple has not officially confirmed the launch date for the Android version of the Apple TV app, the job listing suggests that the project is well underway. Industry sources anticipate potential announcements at upcoming Apple events, such as WWDC 2024.

In addition to Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV+ is already accessible on various third-party platforms, including Amazon Fire Stick, PlayStation, Roku, Xbox, and smart TVs.

(via Bloomberg)

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