iOS 18 to offer smarter notifications with AI-powered summaries via Greymatter

Apple is set to unveil a monumental leap forward in artificial intelligence (AI) with the upcoming release of iOS 18. This major update, slated to be showcased at WWDC 2024, promises to transform the user experience with a comprehensive suite of AI-powered features built upon Project Greymatter.

Project Greymatter is Apple’s ambitious initiative to integrate advanced AI functionalities across iPhones, iPads, and Macs. This project aims to streamline everyday tasks, making your devices smarter and more intuitive.

iOS 18 Project Greymatter

One of the most exciting features within Project Greymatter is Greymatter Catch Up. This innovative solution tackles the ever-present issue of notification overload. Leveraging the power of AI, Greymatter Catch Up empowers Siri to deliver concise summaries of your recent notifications. This means you can stay informed about everything that matters without feeling overwhelmed by a barrage of individual alerts.

iOS 15 Notification Summary

While Greymatter Catch Up takes center stage, Project Greymatter offers a broader range of AI-powered enhancements. The Photos app receives a significant upgrade with an AI-powered “Clean Up” tool that removes unwanted objects from your photos. Students and math enthusiasts will appreciate the new Math Notes feature, which uses AI to recognize and solve equations within the Notes app. Additionally, Project Greymatter introduces exciting functionalities like text summarization, transcription, and on-device text generation seamlessly integrated into core apps like Notes and Messages.

Project Greymatter also paves the way for a more powerful Siri. A new smart response framework and Apple’s on-device large language model (LLM) empower Siri to provide more contextually relevant and insightful responses to your queries. Further enhancements are planned, including the ability for Siri to control media playback across different devices.

Apple Siri

Project Greymatter’s foundation lies in the Ajax LLM, a framework powering applications like Siri, Notes, and Messages. This ensures a more nuanced and personalized user experience. The integration of Ajax LLM into Safari introduces AI-generated summaries of web pages through its Intelligent Search feature.

A key differentiator for Apple’s approach is its commitment to user privacy. Unlike many AI solutions, Project Greymatter’s features are designed to run on-device, ensuring faster and more efficient performance while maintaining the highest level of user privacy.

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