Apple TV+ pulls bid for Will Smith biopic after the actor’s violent outburst at 94th Academy Awards

Apple TV+ and Netflix have cancelled their bids for the Will Smith biopic. The actor’s recent violent outburst at the 94th Academy Awards where he slapped comedian Chris Rock over his wife’s, Jada Pinkett, hair.

The incident that shocked the audience and spectators around the world happened when Rock said to Jada that he will be waiting for GI Jane 2 at the 2022 Oscars. Smith, who had laughed at the joke first, saw that his wife was displeased with the joke and choose to walk up to the Rock and slap him across the face. And when he returned to his seat, he threatened Rock to keep  his “wife’s (Jada Pinkett) name out of his F*&@ing mouth.”

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Apple TV+ to relocate funds for Will Smith biopic for more family-friendly stars

Since the incident, Smith has resigned from the Academy and has publically apologized to Rock but now working with him is considered “a risky business”. The Sun reports that both Studios have quietly removed their bids for Will Smith biopic and are going to relocate the funds for movies with other family-friendly black actors or stars.

A source revealed yesterday: “Netflix and Apple+ have quietly removed their bids for a Will Smith biopic and will instead relocate the funds and develop original ideas from new black actors.

“Working with Will has become a risky business. They now plan on developing ideas with more family friendly stars like Mike Epps and Michael B. Jordan.”

Apple TV+ is producing a new movie “Emancipation” which is produced and led by Smith and directed by Antoine Fuqua. The Studio acquired the movie for $120 million which is an action thriller movie about a slave’s life, Peter (played by Smith), and his escape during the civil war to join the Union Army. However, the project has been facing production issues, firstly Will Smith decided that Emancipation’ will not be filmed in Georgia in protest of the states’ new voting law, then production halted because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now is facing sexual harassment charges.

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