Apple Vision Pro 2: An 18-month roadmap to refinement and expansion

The recent launch of the Apple Vision Pro sparked excitement in the industry, with notable figures expressing admiration for the innovative product. However, amidst the praise, it’s clear that the Vision Pro has flaws. Priced at a hefty $3,499, and with concerns ranging from weight to interface issues, there’s room for improvement.

Luckily, a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that Apple has already set its sights on the next iteration, slated to arrive at least 18 months from now.

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Will Apple’s Vision Pro 2 bridge the price gap?

Historically, first-generation Apple products have paved the way for significant improvements in their successors. This trend is expected to continue with the Vision Pro, with reports indicating that work on the next version began even before the current one hit the shelves. Despite the wait, this extended development period offers ample time for Apple to refine the headset based on user feedback and technological advancements.

One of the key criticisms of the Vision Pro is its weight and interface performance. Early adopters have highlighted these issues, prompting some to consider returning their units. However, returns are common for pioneering tech products, and enthusiasts believe in Apple’s track record of iterative enhancements. Just as the original iPhone and iPad evolved to address initial shortcomings, the Vision Pro is poised for significant upgrades in its next iteration.

Since the Vision Pro debuted on Feb. 2, it’s become clear that the mixed-reality headset is still a work in progress. Despite the dazzling demos — and generally positive reviews — it can be challenging to use on a daily basis.

It’s heavy. The interface doesn’t always work smoothly. And it’s hard to forget the fact that you paid $3,500 or more for this experience.

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The roadmap for Apple’s future VR/AR endeavors is intriguing, with rumors suggesting the introduction of a more affordable variant alongside the premium model. While details remain scarce, the lower-priced version is expected to feature downgraded components to reduce costs. Gurman predicts its arrival by 2025:

Apple Inc. is probably at least 18 months away from launching a second-generation Vision Pro. Based on the early response to the first version, that may be a long time for some people to wait.

Mass production of the Vision Pro 2 will likely kick off in 2027, pending the resolution of pricing concerns.

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