Apple already working on second-gen AR headset for 2024 with lighter design, improved battery, faster performance

As per a new report, Apple is already working on its second-generation AR headset, before even launching its first generation. The second-generation AR headset is expected to feature a lighter design, a new battery system, and a faster processor.

This bit of news comes via analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has shared a lot of information recently on the features that are expected to be part of Apple’s first mixed-reality and AR headsets.

Apple mixed reality headset

You might want to wait for the second-generation Apple AR headset

Apple is working on launching its first mixed-reality headset which will support both augmented reality and virtual reality, and will feature powerful silicon that might rival Mac-level performance. Thanks to this chip, it will not need to be tethered to an iPhone or a Mac.

However, as with most first-generation products, it will not be the best version. The second-generation Apple headset will feature a lighter design, which should make it more comfortable to use, as well as a faster and efficient processor and battery system, which will make perform better than its predecessor for longer periods of time.

Apple has begun planning for the second-generation AR/MR headset, and the shipment schedule will likely be in 2H24. Improvements for the second generation include the lighter weight, form factor design, battery system, and processor compared to the first model, which will go to mass production in late 4Q22.

Kuo has also mentioned that the first-generation mixed-reality headset will weigh around 300g to 400g, and support both AR and VR, allowing users to seamlessly switch between both experiences. With this weight size, we are not sure if these will be the first true AR glasses that sci-fi has been envisioning for decades.

Apple’s use cases for its mixed-reality headset will include gaming, communication, and media consumption, as per a recent report by Bloomberg. It is expected to go into production in Q4, 2022, which indicates its launch timeframe to be around late 2022 to early 2023.

Previous reports have hinted that Apple’s mixed-reality headset will feature 8K displays, swappable headbands, and eye tracking. Alongside the headset, Apple is expected to have a busy 2022, with a new redesigned iPad Pro, M2 MacBook Air, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Silicon Mac Pro, and iMac Pro.

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