YouTube Music widely rolls out ‘2021 Recap’ on iOS and Android

As the end of 2021 is coming closer, several apps are sharing the best apps, songs, and artists of the year. But YouTube Music is offering users a more personalized recap of the music they enjoyed listening to this year via the new “2021 Recap”. Now widely available on iOS and Android devices, the “2021 Recap” offers subscribers the chance to relive their favorite musical moments, share stats and personalize playlists. 

In September 2021, YouTube announced that its Music and Premium subscribers have crossed 50 million subscribers, a milestone the company accredits to content diversity on the platform. As part of the YouTube Premium subscription plan, its Music streaming service integrates “watching, listening, and engaging”. And with a growing subscribers base, the service is emerging as a competing music streaming service against established services like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and others.

YouTube Music

How to access the “2021 Recap” on the YouTube Music app 

To enjoy the new “2021 Recap” make sure that your music app is updated to the latest version. Here is how to find personalized stats from 2021. 

  1. Force close the app. 
  2. Relaunch the app and tap on the “2021 Recap” banner at the bottom of the interface. 
  3. Scroll through the section to see your personalized stats from this year including top songs, artists, playlists, and music videos. 

YouTube Music

As per the announcement, in the 2021 Recap section, subscribers will also find their recent music discoveries, personalized 2021 Recap playlists of their favorites, and top playlists made by YouTube Music’s global community. They can also share personalized playlists and stats simply by tapping on the arrow at the bottom of stats cards. 

This year, YouTube Music is taking you on a journey through your year in sound with 2021 Recap, a first-time experience that will bring you fun, shareable stats, and a personalized playlist to help you relive all your favorite music from the past year. Whether Dua Lipa had you “Levitating” for hundreds of plays or Olivia Rodrigo was “good 4 u” for thousands of minutes of listening, the 2021 Recap lets you explore everything that made your year in music uniquely you. 

Recently, Apple launched a new Holidays promotion “From Apple Music With Love” to offer subscribers exclusive EPs, playlists, and more. 

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