Vision Pro’s international limitations: Limited content, lack of Zeiss lenses and more

Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro headset is creating a buzz, and while it’s currently limited to the United States, international customers are finding ways to get their hands on this cutting-edge technology. However, Apple has recently provided more details about the limitations and differences that users outside the United States may encounter when using Vision Pro abroad.

Vision Pro

Considering the current limitations and the differences in the user experience, Apple advises international buyers to be cautious when ordering Vision Pro from the United States. It is suggested that potential buyers outside the United States reserve their budget until the headset is officially available in their region.

Here’s why prospective Vision Pro buyers outside of the U.S. should wait for an official international rollout

For international customers looking to purchase the headset in the United States and use it in their home country, the following limitations could significantly impact the overall user experience.

Prescriptions and shipping:

  • Zeiss, the manufacturer of Vision Pro, only accepts prescriptions from U.S. eye care professionals.
  • Shipping is restricted to U.S. addresses, limiting international customers’ ability to receive the headset directly.

Language and region restrictions:

  • Vision Pro supports only English (U.S.) for language, typing, Siri, and Dictation.
  • The App Store for visionOS and Apple Music/TV app purchases requires an Apple ID set to the United States region.

Vision Pro apps

Content availability:

  • Certain content, apps, and features might be unavailable outside the United States due to licensing restrictions.

Support accessibility:

  • Apple Support for Vision Pro is exclusively available in the United States.

While Apple has acknowledged these restrictions, it has also hinted at expanding the availability of the headset to more countries later in the year. The tech giant specifically mentioned looking forward to bringing the Vision Pro to more regions. Canada and the United Kingdom are rumored to be the first two countries outside the U.S. to receive the device.

In related news, high demand for the Vision Pro is evident from the slipping delivery dates, now extending to March. Apple’s decision to sell a limited quantity of 60,000 to 80,000 units has likely contributed to the stretched delivery timeline. This scarcity may also impact international buyers, further emphasizing the importance of waiting for the official release in their respective regions.

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