No YouTube or Spotify on Apple’s Vision Pro at launch

Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro mixed reality headset will be released on February 2. However, recent news has dampened the excitement as two of the most popular streaming services, YouTube and Spotify, won’t have their dedicated apps available at launch.

Although you can use the Vision Pro headset and experience immersive virtual worlds, it won’t be easy to catch up on your favorite YouTube channels or listen to your Spotify playlist.

Apple Vision Pro

The only way to access YouTube or Spotify on Apple’s Vision Pro is via the browser

At the moment, the only way to access YouTube or Spotify on Vision Pro is by using the built-in Safari browser. Although this is technically possible, it is not an ideal solution.

Browsing the web in VR is not the easiest experience and you may miss out on features and functionalities that are optimized for these dedicated apps. It would be difficult to navigate YouTube’s cluttered interface or create a Spotify playlist using a VR web browser, and the experience may not be very user-friendly.

YouTube and Spotify

Why are YouTube and Spotify not available?

The reasons behind YouTube and Spotify’s absence from the Vision Pro launch are unclear. Some speculate that it could be due to the newness of the platform and the challenges of developing VR-optimized apps.

Others point to potential disagreements between Apple and the streaming services over revenue sharing or platform-specific restrictions. Whatever the reason, the lack of these major apps is a significant blow to the Vision Pro’s appeal.

If you’re considering buying the Vision Pro, it’s important to be aware of the limited access to YouTube and Spotify. This might be a deal-breaker for die-hard users of these platforms. However, it’s worth noting that the Vision Pro still offers many other exciting features and experiences.

There will be dedicated apps for popular services like Apple Music and Apple TV+, as well as the potential for immersive gaming, virtual collaboration, and more.

Vision Pro apps

As for now, Vision Pro users have to rely on the browser-based workaround until dedicated YouTube and Spotify apps become available.

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