Vision Pro: Customers may have to purchase optional top strap for customizable fit

Apple has reportedly widened the scope of testing for its highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset. This move follows the device’s unveiling at WWDC 2023 earlier this month. However, as the testing has expanded, a notable concern has surfaced: the weight of the headset.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple expands testing of Apple Vision Pro headset internally, weight issue addressed

The Apple Vision Pro is not a lightweight device, owing to its construction from aluminum and glass, as opposed to plastic materials. To address this issue, Apple has developed a top strap that helps alleviate the pressure of the headset’s weight on the user’s face, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed In the latest edition of his “Power On,” newsletter. Surprisingly, Apple does not consider this strap to be an essential component and is currently not planning to include it in the box.

Instead, the top strap is being contemplated as an optional accessory that users can purchase separately. This notion is supported by Apple’s statement at WWDC, where the company mentioned that the headset would “start at $3,499,” leaving room for additional upgrades and extras.

Apple Vision Pro

The top strap is likely to be one such optional purchase, while another necessity for many users would be the Zeiss corrective lens. These lenses would cater to individuals who wear prescription glasses regularly.

Gurman also revealed that the testing and user studies for the Apple Vision Pro have now expanded to encompass thousands of additional participants this month. Although only senior employees currently have the privilege of taking the headset home, this exclusivity is expected to change in the near future. Gurman further explained that while the hardware of the headset is complete, work on the software aspect is ongoing.

Considering the planned release date of “early next year,” which could potentially extend until May 2024, Apple still has ample time to refine the product. However, reports suggest that Apple has already redirected some of its workforce toward the development of the second-generation Apple headset, including an upgraded version of the Apple Vision Pro and a new, more affordable model.

Gurman also revealed that Apple plans to launch an updated version of the Apple Watch Ultra alongside the Apple Watch Series 9 this fall. As of right now, details of the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra are scarce but it is expected to feature the same design as the current model.

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