Apple wants to produce 2.5 million iPads per month

Apple has already sold more than a million iPads even before its international launch. The international launch has suffered delays due to high demand in the US alone. So that’s why Apple now wants to manufacture 2.5 million iPads per month so they can meet the international demand.




Stern Analyst Vijay Kumar says that Apple is speeding up the production of iPads and would produce 2.5 million units a month out of factories. Currently they are producing about 1 to 1.5 million units a month which means they have to double their production to meet their target. Some previous issues and  holdups with the iPad production are now solved and this should help them manufacture 2.5 million units per month comfortably.

Hopefully, as the demands will be met due to more units being made, iPad will make its way to other countries as well where it’s not available yet.

[via 9to5mac ]

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