Apple Watch blood pressure detection functionality delayed until 2024 – Report

Apple is working on several new health-related features for the Apple Watch including blood pressure monitoring. According to a new report, consumers should not expect the capability to be added in Series 8 this fall or even in next year’s lineup as the Cupertino tech giant is facing difficulties with accuracy during development.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple facing issues with accuracy during development of Apple Watch blood pressure feature

Last year, it was reported that Apple’s blood pressure feature could arrive with Apple Watch Series 7. However, when Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman was asked about the possibility of a blood pressure sensor being added to Series 7, he said, “no chance”.

A separate report in September 2021 from the Wall Street Journal offered additional details about the feature. Apple is rumored to use an infrared sensor to monitor blood pressure. This would not only offer systolic/diastolic readings but also warn users who may have hypertension – or high blood pressure.

Mark Gurman today revealed that Apple’s blood pressure monitor is facing some delays in development related to accuracy and the technology is not expected to arrive until “2024 at the earliest.”

The iPhone maker is running trials of its blood-pressure technology on employees. Its planned approach won’t tell users their specific systolic and diastolic readings — the numbers used to assess blood pressure — but would warn those wearing the watch that they may have hypertension, which is high-blood pressure, and should consult a doctor or use a standard blood pressure checker.

Apple watch Series 7

As per the report, the company is working to add noninvasive blood sugar monitoring to its wearable platform. As of now, the feature is years away and does not have a target year of release. In the meantime, Apple plans to add improved support for third-party glucose monitors to the Watch and the iPhone’s native Health app.

While glucose and blood pressure monitoring are ways away, the company is planning to add a body-temperature sensor to the Watch this year. The feature would initially be marketed as a tool to help with fertility planning. Future models of the Watch could help users determine if they have a higher than normal body temperature.

In addition to the body-temperature sensor, Series 8 is expected to add features for women’s health, sleep, fitness, and medication management.

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