From elevated breathing to blood clots: How the Apple Watch alerts saved a Life

A Cleveland resident, Ken Counihan, has publicly praised the Apple Watch for potentially saving his life, after receiving multiple alerts which urged him to seek medical attention.

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Cleveland Man Credits Apple Watch with Saving His Life

The wearable device alerted Ken Counihan to the fact that his breathing was elevated, prompting him to seek medical attention. He followed the device’s advice and went to a medical facility where he received treatment for bronchitis. However, the Apple Watch raised another alert, indicating that his blood oxygen levels were in the mid-80s, which was lower than they should have been. Counihan told News 5 Cleveland:

“My blood oxygen—which is normally mid-90s, which is what is supposed to be, kind of 95 and up—started to get out to the mid-80s,” Counihan said. “It was 10 o’clock at night. My wife was very concerned. My son was very concerned. I was like ‘I just want to go to bed. I’m tired…and they were both like ‘No, you’ve got to get to the ER.”

Despite not being concerned, Counihan’s family urged him to go to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs. The doctors stated that if he hadn’t sought medical help, he might not have survived the night.

“What the doctor said as a follow-up was it if I hadn’t gone in, he said 60% of the people that have this condition at that stage—if I gone to bed, I may not have woken up the next morning,” Counihan said.

While the Apple Watch cannot directly diagnose medical issues, the device’s various alerts and metrics were enough to direct doctors to a diagnosis. Counihan believes the Apple Watch saved his life and has recommended it to his friends. He is now taking blood thinners to prevent further complications.

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Counihan is not the first person to credit the Apple Watch with saving their life. In March, a British author discovered an undiagnosed heart problem with the help of the device, while the Crash Detection feature aided medics in reaching a car that had been involved in an accident in Germany.

The Apple Watch has proven to be a valuable tool in detecting and monitoring various health conditions. The device has numerous features, including tracking heart rate, blood pressure, and even body temperature. It also has an emergency SOS feature that can alert first responders and family members in the event of an emergency.

In conclusion, Ken Counihan’s story is a testament to the life-saving potential of the Apple Watch. The device’s various alerts and metrics were enough to direct doctors to a diagnosis, potentially saving his life. With its numerous health features and emergency capabilities, the Apple Watch continues to provide users with a valuable tool for monitoring their health and safety.

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