Police officer shares an incident when the “cool” Apple Watch saved an elderly woman’s life

Apple Watch is packed with health monitoring features, and more importantly, it also features live-saving capabilities like Fall Detection. Available on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models, the Fall Detection features automatically detect when a user experiences a hard fall and connects to emergency services if needed. This capability has saved many lives and it did so again recently.

A police officer took to Reddit to share his first-hand experience with the technology. In a post on the social media site, he shared the experience of rescuing an unconscious elderly woman after her Apple Watch contacted the emergency services.

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Apple Watch automatically connected emergency services which got a seriously injured woman the help she needed

@ u/Tropicott wrote that during the night shift, he was dispatched to a call received from an Apple Watch’s Fall detection feature.  When he arrived at the location no one answered the door but fortunately, it was unlocked. Upon entering the house, he heard groaning from upstairs and found an elderly woman laying on her back with her face covered in blood. He immediately called for an ambulance to get her the medical help she needed.

The victim of the fall is going to make a full recovery thanks to her Apple Watch which called for help. And for this amazing capability, the officer wanted to share this story “because it’s so cool.”

I get to the residence and notice all the lights on. Someone is home. Knock on the door, no answer. Through the glass panes I notice pictures of a family but mostly of an elderly women so to me I kind of thought that’s who lived here. The door luckily was unlocked. I opened it, announced myself, and I just heard groaning. I ran upstairs and found the elderly lady laying on her back, half her face covered in blood. Right away I call Emergency Health Services for medical attention.

She was telling me that throughout the day she had been feeling nauseous and when she got up to go to the kitchen, she fainted. Next thing she knew, she was waking up in blood. She wasn’t aware that the Apple Watch had called the police and I guess during her state she wasn’t in the right mind to understand how it called the police. All that to say, she is now being medically treated and will make a full recovery.

I always knew about the Apple Watch feature but damn was it cool to see it in action.

Apple Watch

Previously, Apple also shared real-life 911 audio calls made via Apple Watch by users stuck in life-threatening situations like a paddleboarder getting pushed into the ocean by the strong winds, a farmer with a broken leg in a 21 feet ditch, and a driver in a flipped car which is filling with water.

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