Rare incident of Apple Watch Series 7 explosion lands user in ER

Unlike Samsung’s phones, Apple devices hardly ever blow up. However, this was not the case for one Apple Watch Series 7 user whose smartwatch overheated and exploded.

There have been only 6 cases of Apple Watch overheating reported so far.  In 2020, South Korean owners of Apple Watch SE 40mm (GPS + Cellular) complained that their smartwatches overheated on charging and also on the wrist. Yellow burnout spots appeared on the displays and the back of the smartwatch got very hot.

Those incidents left burn marks on users’ wrists and broken devices. But none of the defective pieces heated up to the-point-of emitting smoke and exploding.

Apple Watch Series 7 - explodes

Apple wanted to keep the Apple Watch Series 7 explosion story a secret

The user, choosing to stay anonymous, reached out to 9to5Mac to share his two days ordeal of his Apple Watch Series 7 malfunctioning.

According to the publisher, the user was wearing the watch inside his home when he felt that it was getting hotter. He took it off and found that the back of the smartwatch was displaying an overheating warning and its back had cracked.

He immediately contacted Apple Support and the complaint was escalated to the manager who told the user that a case for further investigation has been created and instructed him not to wear the watch until they get back to him.

Unfortunately, the next morning the situation got worse. The user’s defective Apple Watch Series 7 got even hotter and the heat shattered its display. When he picked up the watch to take pictures for Apple, the device started to make “crackling sounds” and eventually exploded while he threw it out of the window.

Luckily, the explosion only burned his couch but the user rushed to the ER as a precautionary measure to avoid lead poisoning.

Apple Watch Series 7 - explodes

Later, he contacted Apple Support again to update them on the situation. His case was made a “top priority” and in the following week, the company arranged a delivery pickup to take the exploded Apple Watch Series 7 to the lab for testing. However, Apple wanted him to sign an NDA not to share his story which he declines.

The story does not mention details like how long the user had the device for, if he was using a third-party charger to power up the device and more importantly, whether Apple refunded or provided a replacement piece.

The following videos are shared by @Chance Miller but it is unclear if he was the affected user or was given the videos by him.

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