Apple Watch Ultra with microLED display to launch in 2025

The second-generation Apple Watch Ultra will be the first Apple Watch to come equipped with a microLED display, according to a new report. The device is slated to come out in 2025 according to display analyst Ross Young and his sources.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra could receive a huge update by 2025

In a new tweet, Young reiterated his earlier prediction that a new Apple Watch Ultra would launch in 2025. The analyst cited a statement made by Apple supplier Osram in its 4Q 2022 earnings. Osram expects to start generating revenue from microLED technology by 2025.

Let me now provide additional information related to our development and industrialization program for our leading small structure size microLED technology. Based on the latest available information and its assessment, we can add that we currently expect to start reporting relevant revenues from our microLED technology in 2025. I can also confirm and emphasize that the customer engagement in this area is very deep, significant and active. The market feedback we received clearly confirms that we hold a strategic leadership position in small structure size microLED technology, and that we are the front runner for high volume industrialization of this next generation technology.

According to a recent report from  Haitong International Securities tech analyst Jeff Pu, the next Apple Watch Ultra will feature a display that will be 10% larger than the current model. The first-generation Apple Watch Ultra features a display that is almost 1.93 inches and the new model will feature a 2.1-inch display.  This means that the second-gen model will likely be the first Apple Watch that has a case size higher than 50mm.

Apple Watch Ultra

MicroLED technology uses tiny LEDs to create pixels, improving efficiency while providing more accurate color, high contrast for better HDR and viewing in poor lighting conditions, support for wider viewing angles, less chance of screen burn-in, low latency for higher refresh rates, and support for wider viewing angles.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, once Apple adds microLED to the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple will turn to its iPhone lineup for the next microLED improvement, followed by its iPad lineup, and finally its Mac portfolio. Eventually, it’s anticipated that Apple will incorporate microLED into each of its major product categories.

Since Apple is still in the early stages of developing a microLED Apple Watch, the release dates may change throughout the course of the following year.

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