This is how Apple Watch can record 25 standing hours in a 24 hour day

Activity on Apple Watch allows users to track their calories, exercise, and stand metrics. They can set goals for each activity ring and the watch tracks the progress of each activity ring throughout the day.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee found a way for the Apple Watch to record 25 standing hours in a 24-hour day which is a little expensive and tiring.

Apple Watch

Travel backward in time and stand every minute of every hour to record 25 hours of Stand time on Apple Watch

The Stand ring shows the hours in which the user moved or stood for at least a minute every hour but is still required to move around to earn credit for standing. Users can set up to 16 hours for a day’s stand goal. However, the Apple Watch records stand hours beyond the 16 hours goal limit.

To test if it could record 24 hours or longer, Brownlee traveled to cities in a different time zone, behind the time of his current city, and moved or stood for a minute every hour of the day to record 25 hours of stand time.

He flew to California which is 3 hours behind the east coast and stood for 60 seconds every hour, even on the airplane. To his and our surprise, Brownlee got 25 hours of Stand time.

Apple Watch

During the experiment, he did miss an hour of stand time. So, if he had moved for a minute for that hour, the Apple watch would have recorded 26 hours of Stand time.

Activity rings on the Apple Watch is a great feature to keep users motivated to move throughout the day, especially those in corporate offices who sit for extended periods of time. For users who use a wheelchair, the Stand ring switches to the Roll ring that shows the hours in which the wheelchair was pushed around for at least 1 minute.

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