New patent reveals Apple is working on wrap-around display for Apple Watch

A new patent filed by Apple reveals the company is planning a complete redesign for the future models of Apple Watch. The recent patent suggests that the tech giant is testing wrap-around flexible display, digitally-customizable watch bands, and a round display for its wearable platform.

In the patent, titled “Display Module and System Applications”, Apple discusses the possibility of developing an Apple Watch with a display that goes along the entire length of the watch face and the band of the smartwatch. Along with the aesthetics behind the concept, Apple also discusses the technology it may require.

New patent reveals Apple is working on wrap-around display for Apple Watch

Apple is developing a wrap-around display for Apple Watch, according to a new patent

The filing describes an Apple Watch with a flexible display that covers both the watch and the band. The flexible display would adjust to the size of the user’s wrist. The abstract of the patent states:

A display module and system applications including a display module are described. The display module may include a display substrate including a front surface, a back surface, and a display area on the front surface. A plurality of interconnects extend through the display substrate from the front surface to the back surface. An array of light emitting diodes (LEDs) are in the display area and electrically connected with the plurality of interconnects, and one or more driver circuits are on the back surface of the display substrate. Exemplary system applications include wearable, rollable, and foldable displays.

Apple also discusses how the design could help to minimize the Apple Watch bezel or even eliminate it completely.

“A bezel width surrounding the display panel can be minimized, for example below 4-5 mm or even less than 1 mm, less than 0.5 mm, or eliminated. Thus, the bezel design of the smartwatch can be designed for aesthetic concerns rather than as a requirement for allocating space for a contact ledge.”

Apple developing wrap-around display for Apple Watch, according to a new patent

The wrap-around display would allow Apple to create customizable watch bands for Apple Watch. The digital display could be used to show data, notifications, etc.

“The input is parsed to derive the data for display, and the derived data is displayed on the display area, where the display area is on a flexible display substrate spanning a face and band of the wearable electronic device. For example, the wearable electronic device may be a smartwatch. In an embodiment, the non-transitory computer-readable medium stores additional instructions to perform additional operations including receiving a configuration of the display area of the watch face and band, receiving a design from the derived data, the design including a watch face and watch band, and updating the display area with the received design.”

As with other patents Apple files, it is important to note that the company files many applications on a weekly basis, so we do not know for sure if this technology will be implemented in a future Apple device.

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