Apple wearables and home accessories sales revenue hit $14.7 billion in Q1, 2022, an all time record

Out of the company’s $124 billion in revenue, Apple wearables and home accessories accounted for $14.7 billion in revenue in Q1, 2022 with 13% Year-over-Year growth in each geographic segment. The high performance enabled Apple wearables and home accessories to achieve an all-time revenue record. 

Apple wearable and home accessories

Innovative features introduced across Apple wearables and home accessories made them popular amongst consumers

In September 2021, Apple introduced redesigned Apple Watch Series 7 with a larger display and bigger battery which consumers are “loving”. According to the company’s CEO Tim Cook, Apple Watch Series 7 is popular amongst consumers because of its health, fitness, and emergency features. 

Customers are loving the Apple Watch Series 7 with its cutting edge, health and fitness tracking features. Nearly every day I get notes from customers who share how a heart alert led to a life saving appointment with a cardiologist. And more recently I’ve been hearing from people who tell me that their Apple Watch saved their lives by calling 911 when they couldn’t. As I’ve said, we’re still in the early innings with our health, but every day I am encouraged by our positive impact.

Apple wearable and home accessories

Innovative advancements in audio accessories, hardware, and software, created a strong demand for HomePod mini and AirPods like smarter Siri, Spatial Audio, and SharePlay

The HomePod mini continues to earn praise for combining the intelligence of Siri with an immersive, room filling audio experience. And our customers have responded with a lot of excitement to the magic of Spatial Audio on AirPods, which packs the acoustics of a concert hall.

As always, the deep integration of hardware, software and services is a hallmark of everything Apple makes. It’s a principle you can see at work in the introduction of SharePlay, a feature that offers a whole new way to create shared experiences by letting users watch and listen to their favorite content together on FaceTime. 

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