Apple wins #3 spot in MBLM’s Brand Intimacy Study, #1 in Tech

MBLM released their Brand Intimacy Study which specializes in helping companies build meaningful bonds with consumers. Previously, Apple had often ranked number one in the survey and YouTube earned the top spot.

This year, Apple has ranked number one for the tech industry but is standing behind Amazon and Disney in overall rankings. This is also the second time Disney has overtaken Apple in MBLM’s Brand Intimacy Study.

The company dropped from 2nd to 3rd place but continues to remain the highest-ranked tech company. Apple was also the only company to be included in the Top 10 in terms of technology and telecommunications. Netflix is also a part of it, standing at Number 6.

Source: MBLM

The report allows customers to discover how top intimate brands outperform the Fortune 500 and S&P for revenue and profit. Furthermore, consumers can learn how brands enabling consumer’s widespread usage of smartphones are more intimate than those who do not.

MBLM’s Top Rankings

The study consists of data from 400 brands and 25,000 consumers. The model is based on both quantitative and qualitative research techniques. The rankings are then calculated by “quotient scores”. Amazon has ranked number one with 68.4, Disney follows just behind at 67.8 while Apple is third with 66.8.

“This year’s rankings show a new #1 brand, Amazon, with a narrow lead over Disney. Two retail brands made the 2020 Top 10: Walmart, in 9th position, is a new entrant. Media & entertainment in 2020 continues to show strong performance, with three brands in the Top 10. The automotive industry has improved and features four brands in the Top 10. Apple has dropped from second to third place and is the only technology & telecommunications brand in the Top 10.”

Source: MBLM

The filters in the study also allow you to see how factors like age and income impact Apple’s intimacy score. Consumers from ages 18-34 will see Apple’s rank at 7th, but still first in the tech segment, while consumers from ages 35-65 will see Apple at 1st rank, in both categories (overall and tech).

See the full study on MBLM’s website. The report is available for industries across the U.S., U.A.E, and Mexico.

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