Apple is working on a new remote for its next Apple TV

Apple is working on a new Apple TV remote for its next-generation Apple TV model which is expected to launch with a faster processor. Currently called “Siri Remote”, the remote features a glass trackpad for controlling the tvOS interface, and a mic that can be used to talk to Siri.

Apple TV Remote

New remote in the works for next-generation Apple TV

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple is working on a new remote model codenamed “B519”. The current Siri Remote, launched in 2015 with the Apple TV HD, was internally codenamed “B439”. The remote, although useful for navigating the Apple TV interface, was not very well received due to its design. The remote’s design made it difficult to instinctively pick it up and use it in the right direction and the glass trackpad was fragile and could break easily.

With the latest tvOS 14.5 beta 5, it was found in the code that Apple is replacing all mentions of “Siri Remote” with “Apple TV Remote”, which hints towards a rebranding effort from Apple, as well as a new remote that could potentially launch with the next-generation Apple TV.

Even though the last major update to Apple TV was in 2017, with the Apple TV 4K model, Apple has been continuously adding new features to it via tvOS software updates. It is expected that Apple will release an updated version with a faster A12 chip, which could help with gaming performance, however, there have yet to be any such games for Apple TV, that really push its hardware to its limits. Unless Apple has some games lined up for Apple Arcade, that could take advantage of faster performance on its Apple TV, there seems to be little reason for the company to update its TV set-top box. It could also launch its new remote without updating the main set-top box, however, that would not be a very Apple-like thing to do.

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