Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X get 90-day Free Trials

Apple is now offering a 90-day free trial for Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X, its popular video and audio editing software designed for professional projects. The trial period for Final Cut X Pro is now available to all consumers around the world, while Logic Pro X will be available in a few days.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is an exceptional software for editing complex video projects and offers accelerated performance and advanced tools for motion graphics and multi-cam editing. On the other hand, Logic Pro X offers multi-touch mixing technology with several effects and instruments so that the user has a wide variety of possibilities to choose from. Users do not have to worry about the original tempo of the sound while mixing. It also offers a pair and play option for more natural optimization of sounds in your projects.

In the past, Final Cut Pro X had a trial period of 30-days before purchase, while Logic Pro X did not offer a trial period. The new changes in the trial periods for both apps will be an excellent opportunity for all users, to try out the software before purchasing. The 90-day trial period is available for a short time only and will be back to its 30-day trial option in the future. The option for a 90-day trial is available to all current trial users as well.

Logic Pro X

Apple’s professional software offer a friendly interface to all editors and is an excellent tool for users working from home. The students who are also unable to work in a classroom environment can also benefit from this trial period for the software, before it reverts back to its 30-day trial. It is an open opportunity for people who are seeking out to learn new skills in video editing and audio optimizations as per Apple. The company says that it is aiming to help the professionals who are stuck at home, to master their skills in creativity by creating new projects with Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X.

For those who are looking to continue using the software after the trial period ends, Final Cut Pro X costs $299.99, and Logic Pro X costs $199.99. Apple also has special pricing available for students.

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