Apple’s Rumored New iPad Designs Reveal Landscape Docking, FaceTime Camera & More!

Vastly rumored upcoming version of iPad’s designs have been leaked recently in China which reveal some very interesting features like the possibility to dock the iPad in landscape mode, a front facing camera for FaceTime, a Smart Bezel (details below) and a new port most likely to allow landscape docking of the iPad. See below to take a peak at each of these features in the leaked design images:

A New Port For Landscape Docking Support

As it is clearly evident from the design image below that a second 30 Pin Connector port is present most likely to allow Landscape Docking of the upcoming iPad.


Another view of the new port which suggests Landscape Docking Option


A Smart Bezel

The following design image shows what could be a Smart Bezel Feature. Almost 6 months ago, Apple applied for a patent which was about a Smart Bezel for its future iPad releases. It is still to early to say what its function would be but it is speculated it could be an “auto page turner”.


This feature, whatever it is, can be seen in three distinct views consistently found in the left bottom corner of the iPad


A Front Facing Camera For FaceTime

This design graphic reflects what could most likely be a FaceTime camera even though the dilemma remains for it to be nothing more than a light sensor.


If you look closely again, the supposed FaceTime camera or the light sensor can be seen in almost every front facing design image above!

[via Patently Apple]

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