Apple’s Vision Pro headset to include fitness and wellness apps at launch

Apple’s Vision Pro headset, set to be released in early 2024, has been making waves in the tech world. While Apple initially kept certain features under wraps during its WWDC announcement, a report from The Information sheds light on some exciting aspects that were apparently in development but remained unannounced.

Apple vision pro

Apple is working on customized workouts and full-body tracking for Vision Pro

Fitness and wellness enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Apple had plans for a range of workout applications for the Vision Pro. Former employees revealed that collaborations with renowned brands like Nike were being explored, offering tailored workouts for headset users.

Apple also considered designing face cushions suitable for intense, sweaty workouts. Additionally, an intriguing idea emerged of integrating the Vision Pro with stationary bikes, allowing wearers to immerse themselves in interactive content while exercising.

Full-body tracking, a feature that Apple had been working on, remains incomplete at this stage. The Vision Pro’s dual downward-facing cameras were intended to capture the wearer’s body and hands, but Apple representatives recently confirmed that full-body tracking won’t be available upon the device’s initial release. However, this leaves room for future updates and enhancements through Apple’s visionOS software.

Apple Vision Pro

The report further reveals that Apple had plans to introduce 3D content on Apple TV+ at a later date. Gaming, while not emphasized as initially intended, is still expected to be part of the Vision Pro experience. However, it seems that the ability to use the headset as an advanced external display for a Mac has encountered some limitations.

In addition to fitness applications, wellness features were also being developed for the Vision Pro. The report mentions a yoga app that would utilize the device’s cameras to observe a user’s breathing patterns and a tai chi app, both aimed at enhancing well-being.

Despite not disclosing all of its features during WWDC, Apple’s silence may be attributed to concerns surrounding certain limitations. The Vision Pro’s external battery pack and the fragility of the front-facing glass screen have reportedly raised usability concerns. Furthermore, less accurate hand tracking may have contributed to the absence of mixed reality-specific games showcased at the event.

Apple vision pro

Apple’s ambitious plans for the Vision Pro don’t stop there. The company has reportedly explored a “co-presence” feature, leveraging body tracking to create virtual representations of users during conversations. While Google’s Project Starline offers a similar telepresence experience, it requires additional hardware beyond a mixed-reality headset.

With several months remaining until its launch, Apple has ample time to further refine and augment the Vision Pro, priced at $3,499. Developers have already been equipped with the necessary tools to create apps for the headset, and existing iOS and iPadOS apps will be automatically compatible, promising a diverse range of content upon release.

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