Apple’s websites now support passkey in iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma

Apple has recently unveiled a significant update that allows users to bypass the hassle of entering passwords on and domains. Thanks to passkey support, iOS 17 users on their iPhones can now rely on Face ID or Touch ID for seamless authentication when accessing any Apple site on the web.

Privacy and security

Users no longer have to enter passwords on iCloud and Apple websites thanks to passkey support

With the release of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma, every Apple ID is automatically assigned a unique passkey, which can be utilized for logging into iCloud and Apple websites effortlessly. Passkeys enable users to authenticate their identity without relying on a conventional password. They are non-reusable, safe from server breaches, and provide protection against phishing attacks.

If you’re currently using iOS 17 on your iPhone, you can try this feature right away. Simply visit any sign-in page associated with an or domain, such as or After entering your Apple ID email address, you’ll find the Sign in with iPhone button. Note that passkeys can also be utilized on non-Apple devices.

Apple passkey

Once you click the button, a QR code will be presented on the screen, which you can scan using your iPhone’s Camera app. By tapping the yellow link box, you can swiftly authenticate your identity on the web using Face ID or Touch ID, without the need to manually enter your password.

Passkeys represent a broader initiative within the industry to establish a more secure authentication system for our digital lives. While password best practices suggest using strong and unique passwords for each digital account, passkeys offer a simplified approach that leverages your smartphone to verify your account credentials.

According to Apple, passkeys are designed based on the standards set forth by the FIDO Alliance and W3C. By replacing passwords with cryptographic key pairs, passkeys significantly enhance security measures, ensuring a more robust authentication process.

With the introduction of passkey support, Apple continues to prioritize user convenience and security. By streamlining the login experience and reducing reliance on traditional passwords, Apple empowers its users with a more seamless and protected digital ecosystem.

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