Founders of #AppleToo movement are entangled in legal confrontation against each other

New York Post reports that the founders of the #AppleToo movement, former Apple software engineer Cher Scarlett and senior manager Ashley Gjovik have entangled in a nasty confrontation that has led to litigation against each other.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when Apple’s corporate staff was working remotely, Scarlett used the company’s official Slack channel to raise pay equity concerns, and Gjovik went public with her gender discrimination inquiry. Both women organized the #AppleToo movement to hold the tech giant accountable for ignoring employees’ complaints, and not providing a safe workplace.

AppleToo movement

#AppleToo movement founders accuse each other of leaking information and harassment

Last year, Apple fired Gjovik for not cooperating in an ongoing investigation and Scarlett also left the company after signing an NDA. And instead of going after their former employer, the two women have turned on each other.

Apple Too organizer - Cher Scarlett

As per the report, both women have been “embroiled” in a legal battle, accusing each other such as leaking confidential information and collaborating with Apple and more seriously, harassment. Scarlet has even obtained a restraining order against Gjovik.

The two founders and now ex-Apple employees, have since been embroiled in legal battles against each other. The disputes range from stalking, leaking of confidential information, and collaborating with Apple.

“It’s unfortunate that a petty disagreement exploded into full-scale harassment and that the other party just didn’t take the time to try to work it out or just move on and be an adult,” Cher Scarlett told the publication.

“To me, there’s no reason that this should’ve happened and we should all be focused on holding corporations accountable, not tearing each other down,” she continued. “I would’ve preferred that none of this became the subject of the media.”

Scarlett has a restraining order against Ashley Gjovik, prohibiting her from speaking publicly about Scarlett, and from coming within 1,000 feet of her. Consequently, Gjovik declined to talk to the New York Post, other than to say she is appealing the ruling.

A lack of trust between the two founders led them to question each other motives for supporting the #AppleToo movement and an unfortunate public fallout.

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