Leader of #AppleToo movement settles matters with Apple and agrees to withdraw NLRB complaint

Bloomberg reports that Apple engineer and organizer of the #AppleToo movement, Cher Scarlett has settled the matter with the company. Under the settlement, she will leave the company and withdraw her complaint filed with the U.S. National Labor Relations Bureau(NLRB).


During the COVID-19 pandemic, like most companies, Apple’s corporate operations moved online and the use of Slack encouraged dissatisfied employees to speak out about the company’s pay equity, and gender discriminating policies, publically. Some employees also spoke out about sexual abuse and its oppressive culture of secrecy. Scarlett, with the support of others, organized the #AppleToo movement to share stories of workplace abuse and discrimination in the hope to achieve meaningful change. She also filed a complaint against the tech giant with the U.S. NLRB accusing it of suppressing discussions on pay equity and violating the National Labor Relations Act.

The de-facto face of the #AppleToo movement quietly settles and leaves the company 

As per the report, Scarlett’s departure from the company is voluntary and this coming Friday (Nov.19, 2021) will be her last day. Without giving any details of the settlement, her lawyer confirmed that Scarlet has requested for withdrawal of her NLRB complaint is pending. 

Scarlett wouldn’t provide details about the settlement, but her lawyer said she is requesting a withdrawal of a complaint she filed with the National Labor Relations Board. In a Sept. 1 filing with the agency, Scarlett alleged that Apple human resources had interfered with efforts by employees to gather wage data, and that management had “engaged in coercive and suppressive activity that has enabled abuse and harassment” of workers organizing.

Earlier this year, Cupertino tech giant fired two other female employees and #AppleToo organizers. Ashley Gjøvik, a software engineer was fired after she failed to attend a discussion on ” a sensitive Intellectual Property matter.” Gjøvik accused the company of ignoring sexism at work. Janneke Parrish, a program manager on Apple Maps was fired for allegedly impeding an investigation by deleting apps from her phone like Google Drive, Robinhood, and Pokémon GO. 

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