Notable Apps this week in App Store for iPhone and iPad


The Sims 3 Ambitions

Let’s start this new week with the obvious The Sims 3 Ambitions. This is the expansion to the top grossing app The Sims 3 which has been shrunk to fit onto your iPhone. This new Sims allows you to have babies and follow new career paths as a Chef or even a Rock Star! Whilst pursuing your Rock Star life you can build a dream home with an improved build mode which allows you to you to resize, add and delete rooms, floors, wall, doors and much more. You can get all this for just $5(£2.99). I would give this a good 4.5/5 because its cheap and it adds many more features but on the down side the app still doesn’t support retina displays.

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This could be potentially be another big hit for Backflip Studios who previously brought us games such as Paper Toss and Ninjump. In this arcade game, you blast your way from planet to planet on your mission to eliminate hoards of alien creatures bent on destroying you. You can destroy your enemies using homing missiles, lasers, flame throwers and more .This game is great for any one who is an 80’s arcade fan so I’m giving it a 4/5 because its free and its retro style graphics give it a great feel. It’s available for free for iPad and iPhone.

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Doodle Truck

If you’re a sucker for Doodle games, this app is made for you. All you do is drive a truck over terrains delivering different products and try not to drop them. You have over 45 levels to complete in 8 different maps using the very simple controls with a choice of 3 different trucks. With support for Game Centre coming soon, this game is certain to be big. I would give this a 4.5/5 because of its simple gameplay and design and I cant really find any negatives. Available for $0.99 (£0.59)

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The game is set in August 2029 in a lunar base which is tracking a huge asteroid about to hit mars but then the asteroid changes direction and turns towards Earth!! The moon base is placed under your responsibility. The good news: It’s the end of your budget problems, you have carte blanche to save the Earth. The challenge: You will have to think quickly and use everything at your disposal to save the blue planet! As commander of MOONSHIELD, you can call on all the scientific resources of the Thales group to help you make the best possible decisions. Your mission is to destroy or deflect these asteroids and defense that will save the Earth from a fiery apocalypse. The description of this game makes it sound like an epic strategy game … but it isn’t. The game can be laggy at times and the weapons are ineffective so I’m giving it 2.5/5. Good job its free.

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Pizza Boy

A thief has stolen the pizza present! Oh no! You are forced to chase it through levels filled with threats and dangers but to your advantage you can throw bottles of soda. Watch out for evil birds and furious dogs while you collect pizza slices and strawberries in a yummy mix. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for lost kittens on your way ahead. In miraculous surroundings, Pizza Boy is a true retro game sensation. There are 3 different types of themes and over 40 different enemies, obstacles and items. This could finally be the game that replaces Mario on the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Its easy to play and the retro style really adds a good feel to it. The only negative is the price, it is rather expensive for $1.99 (£1.19)

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Hi I'm Ollie,I'm a student from Manchester,England who loves tech!! I love anything from Apple - Zune, that's why I fit in perfectly writing for iThinkDiff.