Apps for Windows: Silverlight 3 based Twitter Client by Sobees

Sobees Web Alpha Silverlight 3

Sobees web is a web version of bDule – a Twitter/Facebook client for Windows with a new twist, though. It’s made of Silverlight 3 and supports Silverlight out of Browser experience.

It’s a fully featured Twitter client with support for multiple accounts, RT, pictures, URL shortening and much more. The Facebook part of Sobees web isn’t functional yet, but to get a taste of how it works, you can try out bDule. Sobees web also has real-time search for OneRiot, Twitter, and FriendFeed. You can set up multiple search columns by choosing your preferred layout for Sobees Web.

The interface is clean and streamlined. There’s nothing new to notice in it if you’ve used any other Twitter client like Seesmic Desktop or TweetDeck. The difference between Sobees Web and other clients is the multiple layout support. You have a wide variety of layouts to choose from, and you can even choose to run many Twitter accounts or real-time searches in them. It’s very helpful if you need to keep track of particular keywords or trends on Twitter.

Coming back to the Silverlight Out Of Browser experience, it lets you install a Silverlight 3 web application on the desktop through just a right click – whether it’s Mac OS or Windows since both operating systems have Silverlight 3 runtimes available for them.

To install Sobees Web to your desktop, just right-click on the web application and click on Install sobees web alpha onto this computer.

Sobees Web Alpha Silverlight 3

In the dialogue box that pops up, select your desired locations for the shortcuts and click ok. Now you’ll be able to run Sobees Web without firing up your web browser.

Sobees Web Alpha Silverlight 3

How do you like Sobees Web? Does it have the potential to replace your current Twitter client?


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