Use Aero Peek and Jumplists with Firefox in Windows 7


Don’t you just hate the fact that Mozilla aren’t working yet to use the new Windows 7 features in Firefox? Well, worry no more, Winfox changes all that. It’s an application that will put the top 15 websites ( with favicons ) in your Firefox Jumplist, as well as put ‘Open New Tab’ and ‘Open New Windows’ in Tasks. You can also pin the websites on your Jumplist, which is very useful for quick access. Like Internet Explorer, you’ll also be able to see the different open tabs just by hovering over the taskbar button of Firefox. image

Here’s the full list of features:


  • Recent Items support (limited to fifteen items)
  • Tasks support
  • Pin support
  • FirefoxURL handling (dragging Firefox pages)
  • Auto-detection of the Firefox directory and user profile
  • FavIcon support (downloads top fifteen favicons to your Firefox Cache directory)
  • Launch Firefox by clicking on the Winfox icon (if Winfox is running)
  • Linking of all open Firefox windows – Sets all Firefox windows to use Winfox (only if Winfox is running)

Keep in mind that this is not a Firefox extension, but an application and needs to be running to populate the Jumplist for the first time. Also, it works with at least Firefox 3.0 and is available for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7.

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