AR/VR headset realityOS references found in App Store logs and open source code

realityOS, Apple’s rumored operating system for its upcoming mixed reality headset, has made a new appearance in App Store upload logs and open source code on Github.

The code seems to have accidentally been pushed to Github, after which Apple pushed another update to the repository to hide it. However, folks were quick to catch on to the update and confirm that realityOS is not only an actual operating system, it also has its own executables binaries, as well as a simulator for testing apps. 

Apple View mixed reality headset 2 realityOS

realityOS will power Apple’s upcoming headset

As noticed by various developers, the code references mentioned realityOS as a target platform, as well as a simulator, which confirms its existence. As an operating system, it would be a target for compiling apps, while the simulator would be used to test such apps by developers.

The code also shows that realityOS will have its own binaries, which basically means that the apps will specifically be made for the operating system, just like watchOS and tvOS. It will not be running iOS apps or Mac apps as is.

We have covered Apple’s upcoming mixed reality AR/VR headset in detail for some time now and it is all but confirmed to be announced this year. Unless Apple faces an issue with production, we expect to see a mixed-reality headset with two M1-like chips which will power three displays that use OLED technology with 3,000 PPI and Fresnel’s hybrid ultra-short focal length lenses.

The headset is expected to feature hand gesture detectioneye trackingiris recognition, voice control, skin detection, facial expression detection, and spatial detection for input. Apple is creating the product around short periods of use. It is expected to cost several thousand dollars, however, we would not be surprised if Apple’s pricing is much lower than rumored and surprises everyone.

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