Avatar Kinect Available To All Xbox Live Users Now! [VIDEO DEMO]

Microsoft has made Avatar Kinect available to all Xbox Live users for free. It was first revealed and demoed during CES ‘11, by Steve Ballmer. Little was announced at that time, however last week we reported it will arrive by July 27th, but Microsoft has made it available today.

Avatar Kinect Scene At The Beach

This service is part of Kinect Fun Labs, and is surprisingly available for free for all Xbox Live users. But, it will be restricted to Xbox Live Gold members only after September 8.

The download is approximately 660 MB and allows users to chat and interact with their friends and family. They can also record their experiences and upload them later to the Kinect Share website.

Download Avatar Kinect For Xbox 360 Live!

Here is a “hands on” video demo of Avatar Kinect:

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[via WinRumors]