iPad Docking Station Integrated Into Mercedes-Benz [PROTOTYPE]

Benz-showing-of-its-iPad-docking-station.jpg“iPad is magical” and we all pretty much know that. However the idea of integrating an iPad into the rear of upcoming Mercedes-Benz models is absolutely off the charts! Mercedes-Benz Accessories has recently demonstrated an innovative docking station for the iPad shown at the Paris Motor Show in an S-Class.

The docking station is planned to be launched in a series of future Mercedes models. It was demonstrated in the rear of the front seats at head restraint height with significant extendability of the holder for easy use. The prototype mount also charges the iPad much like a docking station. It can be easily removed from the mount  when getting off the car to carry it along with all of the entertainment products preserved. The docking mount can also be tilted for best viewing angle. Best part is that in Mercedes models with integrated HotSpot, a non-3G iPad can also fully enjoy high speed internet connection.


The docking system has also been verified in line with the high safety standards which apply on all Mercedes-Benz models. The installation of the prototype docking station requires only 90 minutes without the need of any pre-installation!

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