Backup and Transfer Your iTunes Library With TuneSwift!

When I got a MacBook for college, the biggest frustration I faced was transferring my iTunes library to my new laptop. I had to manually locate all my music, copy it to my laptop, and then import all the songs. For those who have faced, or looked at facing, the same problem I did, don’t. TuneSwift allows you to transfer your iTunes library to either PC or Mac, and allows you to make a backup as well. TuneSwift is currently a free program that is only available on Windows. Here’s how to backup, restore, and transfer your iTunes library through TuneSwift.

Step 1: Download and install the TuneSwift trial here. This will actually download CopyTrans Control Center, not TuneSwift.

Step 2: Because TuneSwift will not actually be installed at this point, open the CopyTrans Control Center. From here, click on TuneSwift to download and install the actual TuneSwift.


Step 3: Once TuneSwift opens, click on the tab at the top labeled “Activate.” Here you can follow a link to activate TuneSwift for free(before March 15). This link will provide you with the same code below, however, so feel free to skip straight to entering your activation code.

Step 4: Click the tab labeled “Main” where you are faced with three options- Backup, Restore, and Transfer.
a. Backup- To backup your iTunes library, click on the “Backup” button. When prompted, click “Browse” to choose an external drive to save to. You can also rename your iTunes backup by clicking the text entry box below the file browser. When you’re finished, click “Start Backup.”
b. Restore- To restore your iTunes library, click on the “Restore” button to restore your iTunes library from a backup. A screen similar to the one used to backup will prompt you to choose your backup file. Click “Browse,” navigate to your backup file, then click “Start Restore.”
c. Transfer- To transfer your iTunes library to another computer, click “Transfer.” You will be prompted to choose either PC or Mac for your destined computer. For PC, it will take you straight to a window like the one used to make a backup. Follow the same steps you would to make a backup. For Mac, it will behave the same as PC, except that the program will launch a site where you can download a Mac application for extracting your backup. Please note that your intended computer will need either TuneSwift or the Mac extractor in order to transfer your library.
Enjoy backing up, restoring, and/or transferring your iTunes library without all the hassle!
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