Barack Obama’s Buzzfeed Video With ‘Yolo’, ‘Thanks Obama’ And A Selfie Stick

Barack Obama's Buzzfeed Video With 'Yolo' and 'Thanks Obama'1

Barack Obama, President of United States of America has to be the coolest president of all times. Buzzfeed has managed to get him to do a video for them, which Obama has used to promote HealthCare. Meanwhile, he has also done the following things which you never hear any president do.

  • Used a selfie stick in the video
  • Makes the ‘not bad’ Obama faceBarack Obama's Buzzfeed Video With 'Yolo' and 'Thanks Obama'
  • Says ‘Thanks Obama’ because he can’t dunk his cookie in a glass
  • Says Yolo

Best. Most important President in the world. Ever. Check out the video below.

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