Battery drain after iOS 16 update? Here’s what you should do

If you are facing rapid battery drain right after updating your iPhone to iOS 16, you are not alone. However, this is not a major issue and there could be reasons as to why it is happening. Read on to find out why, and what you can do about it.

iOS 16 battery drain

iOS 16 battery drain

Usually, when you update to a major new iOS software update, your iPhone has to go through a number of processes such as indexing, and rebuilding caches, photo libraries, etc. You may also notice your iPhone running warmer than usual after the update. This is a CPU-intensive process and can take some time, especially depending on how much content you have on your iPhone. The more photos, and indexable content that you have on your iPhone, the longer this process might take. And when you continue to use your iPhone, these processes take longer, as they are deprioritized. 

The best remedy for this is to keep your iPhone plugged in overnight. This would result in your iPhone performing its processes overnight, while it’s not in use. Apple Support says that it can take up to 48 hours for apps and features to adjust after an update, as per their Twitter account:

In the unlikely scenario that you still see poor battery life after 48 hours, it may be possible that there is a bug in iOS 16. Apple has already announced that iOS 16.1 will be released in October, so the company will likely fix any such battery drain issue in the update. However, based on our experience with iOS 16 beta builds, battery life was on par with iOS 15, if not slightly better. Therefore, we suggest waiting out first for the indexing processes to complete as iOS 16 is a major update for iPhone.

Lastly, you may also want to check your iPhone’s battery health by going to Settings > Battery. This is important for older iPhone models, as batteries tend to degrade over time. If your battery needs service, this is where your iPhone will tell you. It will be best to get it replaced professionally so that you can get the best battery life again on your phone.

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