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Hey students! Gearing up for a new semester? Whether you’re a seasoned scholar or a fresh-faced freshman, having the right tools can make all the difference. Today, we’re diving into the world of iPad Air accessories, specifically focusing on must-have gear that won’t break the bank.

iPad Air accessories

Here are the best budget-friendly iPad Air accessories for you

Fintie protective cover with pencil holder & pocket

Protect your precious iPad Air from the inevitable bumps and spills with the Fintie Case. It’s your knight in shining (or maybe cool-toned) armor, defending against scratches and coffee catastrophes.

iPad Air accessories

Bonus points for the built-in stand. It is perfect for conquering lectures, movie marathons, or perfecting that viral TikTok dance. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to match your unique vibe.

Buy Fintie’s protective cover with pencil holder & pocket for iPad Air for $16.99.

MOBDIK paperfeel screen protector

The MOBDIK’s paper-feel screen protector is a good choice for students who prioritize a paper-like writing experience on their iPad Air. It offers multiple benefits like scratch protection, anti-glare, and compatibility with various models.

iPad Air accessories

Buy MOBDIK’s paperfeel screen protector for iPad Air for $06.30 (20% off, originally $7.87).

Stylus pen for iPad Air

Stylus Pen is a budget-friendly option with fast charging and wide compatibility. You can ditch the waiting game and jump straight into jotting down those brilliant ideas before they disappear. Plus, it works with a ton of iPads, making it your trusty companion for years to come.

iPad Air accessories

Buy Stylus’s pen for iPad Air for $25.99 (13% off, originally $29.99).

Samsung FIT Plus USB flash drive

Store your term papers, epic memes, and embarrassing karaoke recordings (for research purposes, of course) on the SAMSUNG FIT Plus USB Flash Drive.

This speedy little dude zips through files at 400 MB/s, making transfers a breeze. And with 128GB of storage, you can hoard all your digital treasures without fear of running out of space.

iPad Air accessories

Buy Samsung’s FIT Plus USB flash drive for iPad Air for $19.99 (56% off, originally $44.99).

UYAYOHU portable charger

The UYAYOHU 15000mAh power bank offers a high capacity and convenient features like a built-in plug and cables. This 15000mAh beast can charge up your phone, tablet, and even your laptop, ensuring you’re never caught powerless again.

iPad Air accessories

Plus, it has built-in AC prongs and charging cables, so you can ditch the tangled mess and stay charged wherever you roam.

Buy UYAYOHU’s portable charger for iPad Air for $35.99 (28% off, originally $49.99).

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