Google rebrands Nearby Share to Quick Share in Android

Android’s Nearby Share is getting rebranded as Quick Share. Google announced the change on December 21, 2023, as part of a broader effort to simplify and streamline the user experience on its Android devices and Chromebooks.


Nearby Share rebrand is all about making file sharing more intuitive and accessible

After installing the latest beta update to Google Play services (version 23.50.13), a notification appeared, informing users of the rebranding. The company likely wants a shorter and catchier name that better reflects the feature’s quick and effortless file-sharing capabilities.

Nearby Share

Now, it also supports Chromebooks and Windows PCs, making it a versatile file-sharing solution for various Google-connected platforms. However, it’s worth mentioning that Mac support is still missing.

Quick Share functionality

While Nearby Share’s core functionality remains the same, the new name “Quick Share” is arguably more concise and emphasizes this feature’s speed and ease of use. It also aligns with Google’s recent naming conventions for quick and convenient services like Google Pay and Google Meet.

This rebranding is still very fresh, so you might still see references to Nearby Share for a while. However, expect all official materials and future updates to use the new “Quick Share” name from now on.

It’s interesting to see Google making this change just before the holiday season, when sharing photos and videos between friends and family often peaks. Perhaps Quick Share will become the go-to method for Android users to share their festive memories effortlessly!

The exact rollout date for the name change is unclear, but it’s expected to happen gradually through software updates over the coming weeks or months.

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