Bing Videos, an attempt to increase Bing’s market share

Bing team really seems to be active these days. Yesterday they made an update to Bing Maps. Today, they have announced Bing Videos. Bing Videos attempts to bring an all-new unified online video portal and deliver to its users a comprehensive, organized and high-quality video experience. The complete roll out of Bing Video will take place in stages.

Bing Video will integrate the search capabilities of Microsoft’s latest search engine sensation, Bing. The Bing-powered video portal brings a cleaner and a cooler look supports integration with YouTube, Hulu, and others.

What will happen to MSN Video? Well, MSN Video will still be accessible and will continue to provide video content for its users. However, from now onwards, MSN Video portal will be using Bing Videos technology to serve video content. This means that MSN Videos will now be using the new HD-capable media player, which utilizes Silverlight Smooth Streaming technology.

One of the cool features that Bing Video brings is the ‘Dim The Lights’ feature, which makes clip watching on a computer screen all the most comfortable, easier and enjoyable.

An interesting question arises, why Bing Videos?. The answer is simple. Bing videos will help Microsoft in increasing Bing’s market share and increase the time people spend on Bing, since Bing users instead of navigating to a particular site, search for the video content they want to see.