Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition in action on Zune HD (Video)

image If you are a lucky Zune HD owner, you probably know by now about the new 3d games released by Microsoft after firmware 4.3 release. Probably the most anticipated game was Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition, which was shown in advertisements for the Zune HD as well. It’s a port of a popular series for the Xbox 360, therefore the high expectations. Couple that with the Nvidia Tegra horsepower in the Zune HD and now we have a real world example of how powerful it is and how it performs.

Here’s a video by a Youtube user for this very particular game and the graphics look stunning for a display of this size. I haven’t seen a racing game specifically created for the iPhone 3GS or 3rd generation iPod Touch, so it’s hard to tell how much better the graphics are. Still, the visuals look brilliant. Check out the video of the game in action below:

( The slow framerate of the video is due to the video camera )

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