Zune HD firmware 4.3 released – Supports upcoming Games and Apps

Zune HD firmware 4.3 released – Supports upcoming Games and Apps Finally something new for the Zune HD, just when I thought that they had lost momentum. A new firmware update, version 4.3 for the Zune HD, brings support for upcoming games and apps, improved browsing as well as text input along with many additions and bug fixes.


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Here’s the complete list of changes in Zune HD firmware 4.3 from Redmond Pie:

  • Support for the upcoming 3D games and applications.
  • Auto Suggest feature for text input.
  • Faster web browsing experience.
  • Landscape keyboard
  • Keyboard option has been added in the settings section.
  • New toggle between seek and presets under Radio.
  • Under the Internet in settings, you can now toggle to default mobile or desktop webpage layout.
  • Artists bios are updated; embedded links to other artists in text.
  • Other bug fixes.

Video of the new Auto Suggest for text input:

Could this be Microsoft’s first steps towards proving the Zune HD as a viable alternative to the iPod Touch as a handheld PC? Hopefully, it is. Competition will bring the best out of both Microsoft and Apple, which will be good for as as consumers. It depends on how quickly they get a marketplace up that can rival the App Store but doesn’t inherit its flaws.

Update: Here are some more notable changes from gdgt.com via The Chinster:


  • Faster performance in navigating web pages
  • Option to render pages as Desktop or Mobile (Option in settings)
  • Better Tap-To-Zoom
  • Better ability to scroll when typing a message online


  • Predictive Text
  • Auto capitilization
  • Dedicated Settings Menu
  • Wider keyboard in landscape mode


  • Artist bios now contain links to songs, other artists, and other albums


  • Choice of seek method (presets or seek) in settings


  • Apps load slightly faster, and the accuracy of the touchscreen is improved during game play.
  • Apps close faster
  • The power off says ”slide down to power off” instead of just ”Power Off”
  • Faster Startup (less than 15s)
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