You know those rumored Zune Apps and Games? They have been confirmed!

Rejoice Zune HD users! Apps will be coming to the Tegra based powerful device. A video has been uploaded by a person trying out the Zune HD and finding out the Apps category in the Marketplace which is further confirmed by the other person demoing it. That person doesn’t reply when asked about an SDK though. Plus we have no idea on where they would be installed. My guess is an App link in the main menu when one is installed or after a software update because strangely, Microsoft is still not advertising Apps as a feature.

Here’s a possible picture of the Zune 4.0 software (on the left) which seems to have learned some tricks from Windows Media Center. See the details below, no mention of apps there. But if someone now asks if your Zune HD can do apps, just say “Hell yeah it will”!


(Thanks to Clubdirthill on Twitter for his tweets )

Update: Just found this on Engadget, a Twitter user has posted a picture of the Zune HD box. As you can see it says games at the bottom. Chalk it down as another reason to get a Zune HD! zune-hd-box-1

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  2. I’m sure your familiar!?

    So, i just dropped by to ask whether you think the Ipod Touch 2G/3G is better than the Zune HD?

      1. By now I’m totally sure that either you can’t understand English or you lack a sense of understanding. I remember you were talking about OneApp coming to Zune, turns out you were totally wrong. And why don’t you enlighten me on how many games and apps have YOU actually used or seen for the Zune HD? You even claim that the Zune HD is more social despite the iPod Touch having apps for Facebook, LinkedIN, MySpace and every other major social network out there. You even said that they Zune HD will be available in United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Spain where as Microsoft hasn’t announced that at all, officially OR unofficially. Neither had Microsoft EVER said it’ll be releasing OneApp for the Zune HD. Do you even realize what you write? I don’t think so.

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