Use Windows Home Server for your small sized office or home business

Use Windows Home Server for your small sized office or home business

What is the first thought that comes to the mind upon hearing the name Windows Home Server? One possible answer would be: Windows Home Server is designed to organize, protect and manage one or more home PCs. Well, it turns out that Windows Home Server can be used for business purposes as well, provided you run a small sized Office or Home business.

If someone is running a small scale business, and has a network of computers setup to fulfill and compliment their business needs, then the organization will surely need a certain way to perform these common tasks:

  1. Backup important business documents.
  2. Remotely access important business documents (business proposal, quotation document and so on) while at the client’s place.
  3. Quick restore mechanism, so that important business documents and other related stuff can be restored as soon as possible, in case data loss occurs.
  4. Secure business documents.
  5. Provide a centralized location for viewing common business documents.
  6. Set up different access rights for different users.
  7. Shared Printer

How well does Windows Home Server facilitate these requirements? Windows Home Server fulfills all the above mentioned requirements, and comes out as a cost saving solution. The significance of Windows Home Server increases even more, considering the current economic recession as it provides a cheap alternative for home based businesses.

If you happen to run a small business, and want to get a smart and cheap solution for managing your home business, then Windows Home Server is the solution you were looking for.

Use Windows Home Server for your small sized office or home business


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  1. I think this concept is pretty interesting,especially for what that program is capable,although I dont know if the business you start in your own home will ever reach a high level.

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