Bing welcomes the month of Ramadan with a background


Today’s background on Bing is dedicated to the month of Ramadan in which Muslims all over the world fast. The scene in the background shows a busy market place in Bangladesh. Lots of fried food is being sold in the image which is consumed at Iftar everyday at sunset, which marks the break of fast. Hovering over the hotspots shows different information on Ramadan It’s great to see the Bing team using this background and I’d like to thank them for it. :) Thanks to Manan for sharing this with me on Twitter.

On a related note, President Obama has also given his Ramadan Message to Muslims all over the world which is heartwarming. Thanks to Saad Hamid for this share. Check it out below.

Ramadan Kareem to fellow Muslims all over the world from ithinkdiff !:)

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  1. Hi all,

    Have a look at this Bing image archive website. It has the Ramadan image above as well as all the previous Bing home pages.


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