BingPaper : An application that downloads and sets the latest Bing image as your wallpaper


Microsoft CodePlex has just released BingPaper. BingPaper is a small, simple and useful application that downloads the current Bing Image and sets it as your wallpaper. With BingPaper, gone are the days where you were required to right click on a particular Bing Image, save it and then set it as your desktop background.

BingPaper was written in C# using WPF. Source Code is available for download here.

The application has a few customization options as well. It allows you to set wallpaper in three different modes namely Stretched, Tiled and Centered. If you don’t like a particular image, you always have the option not to set it as your wallpaper by unchecking the “Set as wall paper” option.

I ran BingPaper on Windows XP and it is working just fine for me. Go ahead, download it, and share with us if you find something interesting.

Download BingPaper



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