LimeWire version 5.4.0 released for Snow Leopard


LimeWire 5.4.0 Beta has been released for Snow Leopard. Regarded as the fastest P2P program on the planet earth, LimeWire brings with it new features along with a few bug fixes. One of the notable additions to LimeWire 5.4.0 is the ability to watch a video file within the application.

LimeWire 5.4.0 features

The notable features that LimeWire brings are provided below:

  • Inadvertent file sharing updates to ensure users understand what is shared.
  • Uploads and downloads appear in the transfer tray.
  • The transfer tray is automatically hidden by default when there aren’t any transfers.
  • Check downloads to see whether it is dangerous before previewing.
  • Hide some file types by default associated with spam.
  • Search suggestions based on files from Friends are stored in the database now, which reduces the memory footprint for large libraries of your friends.
  • Improvements in search suggestions from Friends based on what files they share with you.
  • Improvements in the way search results are sorted by relevance.
  • Displaying the LimeWire Store button only in locations where you can use the LimeWire Store.
  • File information/properties dialog box is redesigned.
  • Select a different language in the View drop down menu.
  • Update to the Options.
  • Add the LimeWire Home Screen and the LimeWire Store icon when using Snow Leopard and running in 32-bit mode.
  • Allows you to add folders to the Library or lists.
  • Title Options dialog box to ‘Preferences’.
  • Adds an option in the Preferences to associate LimeWire as the default application for all torrent files.
  • Add an OS X style dialog so you can select multiple files and folders at once.

Download LimeWire 5.4.0 for Snow Leopard